On Liddy Dole’s Bigotry

A week and a half ago I wrote about anti-atheist bigotry in the North Carolina Senate race. A group had cut an attack ad tying Democratic challenger Kay Hagan to a political action committe, the Godless Americans PAC.

Senator Elizabeth Dole cut her own ad, “Promises.”

It’s harsh. The closing moments, of Kay Hagan’s face while a female voice in the background screaming, “There is no god!” is clearly meant to inflame anti-atheist sentiments. And it’s certainly implying that Hagan herself is the one proclaiming “There is no god!”

Hagan made a response ad. She issued a Cease and Desist letter. And she’s filed a Defamation of Character lawsuit against Dole.

Hagan is not an atheist. She’s an elder in her Presbyterian church. She teaches Sunday school. And her ad lays the smack down and calls Liddy Dole a liar.

So, of course, Dole is back with a new ad. What Hagan believes isn’t important, Dole says. Only that she associates with atheists is important. And because Hagan associates with atheists, she’s unfit to serve North Carolina’s interests in the Senate because atheists feel want “god out of our lives.”

Senator Dole, I have three words for you.

Fuck you, bitch.

As an atheist, yes, I want “In God We Trust” off of our money. As an atheist, yes, I want “One Nation Under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance. The reason? Becuase these phrases are exclusionary to millions of Americans who do not believe in your god — or any god.

The United States wants to hold itself up as a country where people of all races and all beliefs can be a part of a single society. Making some of this nation’s citizens believe that they are second-class citizens demonstrates that that is a hollow promise.

Playing on anti-atheist fears, Liddy, is promoting bigotry, pure and simple.

No one would stand for an ad that said, “Kay Hagan is taking money from blacks.” Or “Jews.” Or “Muslims.” And then follow that by implying that, by doing so, the person is somehow anti-American.

Six years ago, Liddy, when you were elected as North Carolina’s junior Senator, you said that you wanted to live up to Jesse Helms’ standard.

Well, you have, Liddy. You’ve found a way to live down to it.

Helms was no paragon. He was a xenophobic, homophobic asshole. And now, Liddy, by following in his example, you’ve shown yourself to be a discriminatory, bigoted bitch.

Helms played on racial fears in his Senate race against Harvey Gantt, cutting the reprehensible “Hands” ad that used affirmative action as a bludgeon. Now, you’ve cut an ad that plays on anti-atheist hysteria.

And worse, you had to lie to do it.

I so fucking hope you lose on Tuesday, you cowardly asswipe bitch swine.

One thought on “On Liddy Dole’s Bigotry

  1. “Asswipe bitch swine” has now been added to my lexicon of curses 🙂

    I am really tired of the stupid notion that an atheist cannot be a person of any moral character. There are way too many examples of public figures who hide behind religion as if it were some kind of shield against their incredibly immoral actions.

    Unfortunately, all people know of atheists is the San Francisco father who sued about the Pledge of Allegiance. There has been no public figure who has been able to explain why their beliefs are different because of media apathy, until it’s convenient.

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