On Lining Up Future Conventions

I’ve started the process to apply for press credentials for this October’s New York Comic Con.

Yesterday morning I read an article on Comics Beat about the press application process — and it is a process — and since I have to hold down the fort at the office every July when San Diego happens, I thought to myself, well, why not New York?

The first step of the process was to fill out an online questionnaire.

The second step of the process, which I’ve not completed as yet, is to complete a five-page application and submit with it three published articles on comics (for which I will have to explain why they’re not bylined), my business card, and my boss’ business card.

Trying to weed out the chafe, I guess. 🙂

The application isn’t a priority at the moment. I’ll look at it over the weekend and knock it out.

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