On Long and Fruitless Commutes

Yesterday I felt like Odysseus.

In Homer’s The Odyssey, the Greek hero Odysseus attempts to return home to Greece after the conclusion of the Trojan War. But his journey home is fraught with adventures and detours, and it takes him a decade to reach his home.

Yesterday’s commute was like that.

A southbound train broke down. Another train arrived and took us away, but it was a half-train and crowded. At the subway station, I waited for fifteen minutes for an outbound subway train. Underground, the train moved well, but once it got above ground the speed slowed to a crawl, with the train stopping completely, in the middle of nowhere, on several occasions. The outbound subway trip, which normally takes about twenty minutes, took forty-five once I boarded the train.

Hence, the feelings of being Odysseus. I felt as though I was cursed never again to see my Beetle.

I suspect that the cause is the summer-like weather, with the temperatures flirting with triple digits. The train track can warp in the heat, speeds have to be kept down.

Or, it could be that the Greek pantheon of gods chose to curse my commute.

That’s unlikely, but not impossible. :h2g2:

I’m tempted to drive to work this summer.

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