On Looking Back Ten Years

I realized, while shaving yesterday, that it was ten years ago, this very week, that I discovered online Star Trek fandom.

And it was a very narrow part of fandom that I found.

It was Star Trek novels fandom. On the old Pocket Books Bulletin Board.

A bunch of people I “met” ten years ago this week. Jim McCain. Alex Rosenzweig. David Henderson. Corey Tacker. Bob Manojlovich. John “JJ” Ordover. Within a year, people like Baerbel, and Gillian, and authors like Susan Shwartz. And in April ’98 I picked up a novelization of a FOX television movie called Gargantua.

Ten years. Star Trek fandom.

Things change in ten years. Things change a lot in ten years.

Raise a glass. 🙂

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