On Mad Thoughts of Blogging and Coding

This morning, I had a moment of insanity.

Or rather, I had a random thought and then my brain simply would not let it go. Even now, it’s not entirely willing to disengage from the idea, even though I know it’s a stupid idea.

It has to do with my website redesign, which I plan to begin testing in the next two weeks.

The PHP code is written. I have to upload it to my test server and make some CSS fixes.

Morning brainwave: “Why don’t I rewrite the theme files for Habari?”

Habari is a different blogging platform, created by some disaffected WordPress coders. Superficially, it’s similar, but under the hood it’s vastly different.

Now, at one time I did have an Habari test blog, and I did port a WordPress theme over to Habari and it worked. And there were some things about Habari that I liked; for one thing, it was leaner and meaner. (WordPress has, quite frankly, gotten a little big and a lot bloated.)

But this theme isn’t just a blog theme. It’s a magazine-styled theme.

I looked at the Habari wiki, and it looks like there’s a lot I could make work, but there’s some important features that I couldn’t. Post thumbnails, for one thing! And I’m unclear on how multiple loops work. Or child pages. For that matter, does Habari even do pages?

That said, I can’t say that I wouldn’t enjoy the challenge of making something complex work with a complicated system that’s largely beyond my current understanding. It fits my tinkerer’s mentality.

It’s a crazy idea, and I know I’m better off with what I currently have in the pipeline. I tell myself this. And yet, this crazy Habari idea has lodged itself in my head and it won’t leave.

I know what it is. My brain likes crazy, stupid challenges. It’s a way to put off work. Or, in this case, putting off testing the code. It’s an excuse for a working kind of procrastination.

The insanity moment will pass soon enough.

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