On Magneto and Cosmic Boy

A reader named Alex dropped by the “Ask Allyn Anything” post Saturday-ish and asked a geeky question. Because the post has dropped off the front page, though, I’m going to respond to it here as well, to say nothing of greater length to explain my reasoning. It’s my blog, and I can do things like that. 😉

Alex wanted to know who would win in a fight between frequent X-Men foe Magneto and Legion of Super-Heroes leader Comsic Boy.

See, I told you that’s a geeky question. 🙂

Okay, let’s think this one through. Both have magnetic powers. Magneto’s older than Cosmic Boy, so that should give Magneto an edge as he’s been using his powers longer. But! Cosmic Boy comes from Braal, a planet where magnetic powers have been commonplace for a thousand years, and where children would be trained in how to use their magnetic powers from a very early age. Also, Cosmic Boy was a champion Magnaball player in his pre-Legion days. Based on that the training he’d have received and the refinement of Braalites’ magenetic control over the generations, I have to give the edge to Cosmic Boy.

Cosmic Boy would triumph over Magneto. No doubt, no argument. 👿

Now, if we’re talking about the depowered Cosmic Boy who becomes the Time Trapper, I’d still give the edge to Cosmic Boy. Control over time would be a definite edge over control over magnetic forces.

Cosmic Boy!

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