On "Make-Believe"

Constellations, Pocket Books’ anthology celebrating Star Trek‘s 40th-anniversary, has begun appearing in bookstores and shipping from online vendors. My contribution to the volume, “Make-Believe,” closes out the book. When an Enterprise shuttle crashlands on an alien planet, to what ends will Captain Kirk go to find his men? Why is the welfare of his crew of such paramount inportance to him?

If you have comments, questions, or complaints, here’s your chance. 🙂

ETA (30 August): On the advice of Keith DeCandido I went out this morning and picked up a copy of the debut issue of the new Star Trek Magazine from Titan Publishing. Why? On pages 12 and 13 Constellations editor Marco Palmieri speaks briefly about the anthology. Said Marco:

Although I’m usually disinclined to pick favorites from among the projects I work on, it would simply be wrong not to mention Make-Believe by Allyn Gibson as real standout: a powerful, moving, and altogether different sort of Star Trek story.

That’s just… Wow. 🙂

ETA (26 September): According to editor Marco Palmieri, Constellations is going back to press for a third printing. On the market merely a month, and it’s selling smashingly well.

No complaints from me. 🙂

ETA (27 October): Barring anything unforeseen, this will be the last update before this post goes un-sticky on November 1st. 🙂

In the spring semester at the College of Lake County a class entitled “The Sociology of Star Trek” will be offered. One of the class’ readings? My own “Make-Believe.” 🙂

6 thoughts on “On "Make-Believe"

  1. CONSTELLATIONS is a great collection of stories but “Make-Believe” is something special.

    Congrats Allyn, you’ve really left your mark with this story.

  2. I’m picking up my copy on Friday. Your story better live up to the hype, or I’m expecting you to personally refund me. In pennies. 😛

    Seriously, congratluations on the great buzz surrounding the story!

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