On Michael Vick

I don’t follow football, and though I knew Michael Vick’s name from years of selling Madden for the various and sundry game consoles, I wouldn’t have known Vick if he’d walked up to me. I couldn’t even have told you what team he played for.

I’ve said nothing about the court case involving Vick. Or rather, I’ve said nothing yet.

Vick agreed to a plea deal with federal prosecutors today on charges of criminal dogfighting. Prosecutors are rumored to want Vick behind bars for a year to eighteen months.

A statement from Vick’s lawyer: “Michael wishes to apologize again to everyone who has been hurt by this matter.”

If Michael Vick’s reading this, let me say this:

Can you apologize to the dogs you killed, Michael? Can you apologize to the dogs you beat? Can you apologize to the dogs you threw against the ground breaking their bones? Can you apologize to the dogs you drowned? Can you apologize to the dogs you electrocuted? Who are you apologizing to, Michael Vick? Fans of the Atlanta Falcons don’t deserve an apology — you didn’t hurt them. Fans of your career don’t deserve an apology — you didn’t hurt them, either. It’s the innocent dogs that you bought, trained, and then tortured to death that deserve the apology, Michael Vick. And frankly, Michael Vick, if it were somehow possible for you to know one iota of the physical suffering and torment you and your gang of hoodlums put those dogs through, it still wouldn’t be enough to right the karmic balance. You are an asshole, Michael Vick, and I feel no pity for the fact that you have lost your liberty and your career.

If, readers, you have the impression that I’m incensed about this, you would be correct. A year behind bars for animal cruelty doesn’t seem like enough. The loss of his career doesn’t seem like enough.

3 thoughts on “On Michael Vick

  1. mullah cimoc say ameriki not caring when him muslim get the torture, electric shock and smash head and suffocation in plastic bag but acting so concern when dog treat the cruel way.

    this proving usa media making ameriki so stupid and sick. how possible ameriki woman thinking okay for sexual torture of muslim but crying the fake tear when animal suffer.

    but ameriki not understand sheep dog like the work and rather die than not go for working sheep and goat each day. but fake ameriki animal lover he keep work dog in cage and hate the cowboy who work the dog and make the dog happy.

    fight dog liking the fight. this dog rather die than not the fight. this the breeding method produce.

    ameriki society so mix up. the ameriki woman think she pure but take the LBT (low back tattoo) and slut for every man even the gang member.

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    also at guantanamo the homosexual violence and sick of wiping the menstrual blood on muslim for defile. but ameriki so pure because feeling the sorry for dog.

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  2. Mullah Cimoc,

    You are wrong that no Americans shed a tear at the thought of Muslims being tortured in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay. Torture is wrong – period – doesn’t matter if it’s a person or an animal.

    However, your anti-Semitism in the last paragraph displays another brand of cruelty altogether.

  3. De, I don’t think Cimoc (and, for a laugh, read the word backwards) is a real mullah.

    I’m not sure who he is. Someone in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. I know that.

    And he’s a drive-by. I know that, too.

    He’s made similar comments on dozens of blogs in the past day. He’s a wanker.

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