On Mid-Week Reflections

Why must it be dreary?

Rain today. Rain yesterday. Rain Sunday. Rain, rain, rain.

And no thundrous drumming from Ringo Starr, either.


Doctor Who‘s fourth season has begun.

Thankfully, it began with something light and fluffy. After wrecking on the emotional shoals from Torchwood‘s “Exit Wounds,” the screwball comedy nature of Who‘s “Partners in Crime” was a welcome change.

I wrote several years ago about my theory on Anakin Skywalker’s parentage.

Over the weekend the number of hits on that post exploded.

I presume that some television network, somewhere, showed The Phantom Menace over the weekend.

To my surprise, I still have a reader in China.

I am also very popular in Britain, India, Estonia, France, and Sweden.

Also, Indiana.

I saw the new Hellboy II trailer over the weekend. It is tres awesome.

I don’t know why I threw in a French modifier. It’s not like Hellboy has anything to do with France.

In descending order, the comic book films I’m looking forward to this summer:

  • Hellboy II
  • The Dark Knight
  • Iron Man
  • The Incredible Hulk

The first two are fairly well bunched together. Iron Man I’m curious about, but I’m also a bit indifferent about. Hulk I care about not at all.

I anxious await the arrival of Austin Torney’s new novel, Star Trek: The Death Wave at my door.


And it’s only Tuesday. :/

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