On Mike Logan

I watched Law and Order: Criminal Intent tonight.

Chris Noth–Detective Mike Logan from the first five seasons of the original Law and Order–guest-starred.

I don’t usually watch Criminal Intent–Vincent D’Onofrio can be really tough to take. Truthfully, I don’t often watch any of the Law and Order series, though I used to watch every week until about five years ago. But the nostalgia of Mike Logan had a sentimental pull, so I tuned in to Criminal Intent.

I thought it was an okay episode. The murder of a prison guard leads to an investigation of contraband at a prison, which leads to possible abuse of undocumented “prisoners” held as material witnesses under the USA-Patriot Act. The logic of the investigation made little sense, and Noth’s Mike Logan had a tangential connection to the case, at best.

I realized while watching that a friend of mine from college–Kelly–was probably watching Criminal Intent for precisely the same reason–nostalgia.

A few days ago NBC announced that Noth will be joining the cast of Criminal Intent next season for eleven episodes. Will I tune in? Maybe, for the first few episodes.

On another front, Boston Legal was a riot tonight, in a literal sense.

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