On Mint M&Ms

There is one thing I look forward to more than any other at Christmas time.

More than presents.

More than cards.

More than snow, tinsel, and the tree

I look forward to Mint M&Ms.

I love Mint M&Ms. I wish they were sold year round, so much do I love them.

They’re like ordinary M&Ms. But they’re minty fresh.

And they are awesome.

I bring this up, because I was at the store yesterday, and what did I see but a whole display of M&Ms. With the Indiana Jones logo emblazoned upon them.

Naturally, I was curious. Twenty years ago, when The Last Crusade came out, I couldn’t remember Indiana Jones being merchandised.

Twenty years. Fuck. I feel old.

I digress.

So, this display of Indiana Jones M&Ms.

One of the bags was green. Green? I looked closer. “Mint Crisp,” it said.



I was excited by this turn of events.

I eagerly bought the Mint Crisp M&Ms, and went on my way.

I did not like the Mint Crisp M&Ms.

They weren’t sufficiently minty.

The crispiness detracted from the mintyness.

They mocked me, the Mint Crisp M&Ms.

These are one discovery that Indiana Jones should have left alone.

Christmas cannot come soon enough, so that the real Mint M&Ms can take their rightful place on store shelves everywhere.

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2 thoughts on “On Mint M&Ms

  1. I can’t believe that someone other than me feels that way about Mint M&M’s! I laughed with complete understanding at your message. I haven’t tried the crispy one’s and probably still will but now without the excitement I felt when I first saw the ad for them. What I do is buy them at Christmas and hide them from myself until mid-year for a special treat! Once I tried to write the M&M company to see if they would sell them in July for a special gift for my grandson who loves them as well! They wrote me back but no luck getting them anytime but Christmas!

  2. Right there with both of you! I also horde the mint M&Ms, keep them in the freezer inb case I need a fix during the year!My girlfriedn also tried to get the Mars co to sell them during the rest of the year but to no avail. I was at a couple of drug stores yesterday and though they had some of the Christmas colored M&M’s out there were still no mint ones-please don’t let it be that they are sticking with the premium mint M&M’s and not distributing the regular mint ones this Christmas- that’d make for a sorry and sad Holiday!!

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