On Missing Connections

The morning’s commute was an exercise in missed connections.

The subway train pulled out just as I reached the platform.

Making the connection from the subway to the light rail can be the matter of moments. Up one escalator, up another escalator, across the street, down a block and a half, across a four-lane highway, across the tracks. Many a connection has been missed because I’m standing on the corner, looking across the four-lane highway, waiting for the light to change so I can cross, and the train comes and goes.

That was this morning.

It was drizzly and raw this morning. I didn’t mind the wait; I had nothing pressing on tap at work this morning that was urgently needing my attention. Still, had I not missed the two connections, I’d have been to work a good forty minutes earlier than I was. 🙂

Such is life.

Tomorrow I actually do have important stuff to do. I need to put files on the server.

No, it’s not that exciting.

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