On Mistaken Identities

Earlier this week, I felt a little scratchy at the back of my throat. The sinus passages felt clogged. A cough began.

I went to the drug store. I studied the cough drops. I saw some citrus cough drops.

I like citrus! That’s what I bought.

I’ve been popping these things. Only, my cough hasn’t dissipated. I still feel lousy. (Though I have been sleeping, which is a change from several days ago when I wasn’t.)

And then I realized this morning, as I popped a cough drop in my mouth.

These cough drops, which taste so good — there’s orange and grapefruit and lemon flavors — are not, in fact, cough drops.

They are Halls Vitamin C Defense Drops.

So, I am getting 100% of my daily dose of Vitamin C, keeping scurvy at bay, and getting absolutely nothing to mitigate the effects of my cough and sinuses.

This is, to be charitable, a load of crap.

Obviously, I should have read the packaging better. But, clearly, they weren’t clearly marked that they weren’t cough drops.

Still, they taste good. And on my lunch break, I’ll go out and buy real cough drops.

On the plus side, I probably won’t be coming down with scurvy. :cheers:

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