On Modifying the WordPress Dashboard

One of the nifty new features of WordPress 2.7 is the Gravatar support on the Dashboard screen that I see. If you leave a comment, I get to see a little icon of who you are.

That is, assuming you have a gravatar. 🙂

If you don’t have a gravatar, then I see something else on the Dashboard.

I see an outline of a person. In grey.

It’s actually a bit bland. Especially because, when people leave comments, I’ve set up my comment template to pull a pre-generated gravatar called a “wavatar.” Make a post, and you get a sort of stylized face that looks goofy. Your face may be a triangle, or it may be a square, and you may have glasses, or a monocle, or even no eyes at all.

Well, I wanted those wavatars on my dashboard. Not the dull, generic, grey thing.

Fortunately, I’m handy with editing files. 🙂

In wp-adminincludes, edit the comment.php file thusly. Find:
$avatar = get_avatar( $id, 32 );
And replace with:
$avatar = get_avatar( $id, 32, 'wavatar' );

Then, in wp-adminincludes, edit the dashboard.php file thusly. Find
<?php echo get_avatar( $comment, 50 ); ?>
And replace with:
<?php echo get_avatar( $comment, 50, 'wavatar' ); ?>
Now, when people leave comments, I get a visual representation, not just the bland, grey, formless icon that the system generates by default.

Thus endeth the coding lesson. 🙂

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