On Momentousness

Oh, look at that.  A new year’s begun, I’ve barely noted it, and the first month is already half gone.

Hopefully the rest of the year won’t pass by in such a whirl. 🙂

This year will be momentous.  I can feel it, and I’m already making plans.

I intend to write more.  I’ve already sent one piece of writing on its way; it wasn’t until July that I could have said the same for 2012.  NaNo crashed, but the outline is solid.  I have other projects outlined as well.

I intend to live healthier.  This is a personal odometer year, and I plan to buy a bike and shed some pounds.

I intend to learn Gaelic.  I have learning materials, I have a dictionary and CDs and podcasts.  I intend to learn it — and learn it well enough to write something meaningful in the language.

I intend to relaunch my website.  Yes, my posting habits, which had been daily, have dwindled to weekly at best.  Partly, that is for technical reasons; my server, like an attic, is filled to the rafters.  The new site is ready to go, however.  And it’s going to be more than just a blog.  The blog will still be there — and I intend to return to daily posting — but I also see this as a repository of all things me.

I intend to do adventurous things.  It won’t take a wandering wizard and a conversation filled with “Good morning”s, either.

I intend to laugh and enjoy life.  The Pilgrims weren’t half as dour as I can be sometimes.

I intend to have fun.

These all sound like reasonable things.  A plan of action, even.

This year will be momentous.

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