On Monday Morning’s Journey

My morning commute was snarled this morning.

At the State Center/Cultural Center light rail stop, a car pulled out in front of the northbound train and got smacked.

I watched it happen. I was waiting for the next train. This wasn’t a train I could take; it was heading for the Penn Station spur, which would take me nowhere near Timonium.

Police cars, some Baltimore City, some Metro Transit, came screaming from all directions.

It was a gorgeous morning. Not quite cold, not really chilly. Just pleasant, in all the ways that a morning in early spring should feel.

I pulled a book out of my B.P.R.D. bag — The Tao of Pooh, brought to mind by a recent conversation — and read.

No reason to be anxious about being late for work, or waiting twenty minutes for the car to be moved and for the trains to start moving again.

No, reading a book on the Tao was completely appropriate for the moment.

Things got moving again. All was well with the world.

I don’t know how often this happens, a car pulling out in front of a light rail train. Not a lot you can do as a commuter when it does. *shrug*

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