On Monday Stuff

After changing the typeface for my blog to Georgia last week — because I wanted a serif font for the body text, rather than a sans-serif font — I changed my mind and went to Palatino Linotype.

It’s nothing against Georgia. It’s a nice font. But Palatino Linotype is me. It’s what I work in. It’s what I use at work. It’s what I use at home. It is pleasing to the eye.

To think. Many years ago I thought that Book Antiqua was the tops when it came to fonts. Now I look upon it, and I see a Bizarro to Palatino’s Superman.

I feel like watching Star Trek: Generations.

I wrote about The Last Unicorn.

I left my new page-a-day calendar at home this morning. Note to self: Bring it into the office tomorrow.

I went for a walk in the neighborhood by the office on my lunch break. I needed to go by the grocery store and pick up spiced Twining’s Chai Spiced Apple tea bags.

Curiously, my desk has become cleaner and more organized as the day has worn on. This is odd.

As Mondays go, this was not a terrible Monday by any means.

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