On Mood Icons

A few years ago I used Alden Bates’ Dalek mood icons on the blog. Then, for whatever reason, I stopped using mood icons.

In retrospect, it was probably that I’d changed the layout and they didn’t “fit” well with whatever layout I had going at the time.

So, we’re going to give them another shot. 😉

Because nothing says moods like Daleks.

And wow, did the Moody plug-in nerf the layout. Oh, ye gods, did it nerf the layout.

So, we’re going to try something else. Cricket Moods. Let’s see how Cricket Moods works.

Well, that took a little bit of time to get set up. Nice menu in the Write panel, though.

Let’s see how this works.

And all the pieces appear to be where they should be. Excellent.

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