On More Bloggery Thinking

Two weeks ago I put together a WordPress theme for a possible work blog. It’s nothing great — it’s a free CSS template, married to some php code I pulled together, plus some CSS jiggery-pokery &mdsh; and as a tech demo it does pretty much what I wanted it to: it showed that a vision I had for what this blog needed to be could be realized.

I find myself looking at magazine-style WordPress themes in my spare time. I’ve found some that I like. I’ve found some that have good ideas, but lousy execution. I’ve found two that do almost exactly what I wanted.

Now, there’s actually no guarantee that anything I put together would be used. Indeed, the likelihood is that it wouldn’t be used. Nor is there any guarantee that something I find better suited to my ideas, still somewhat nebulous as they are, would be used, either.

Occasionally, things are in flux and just stay that way.

But, on the off-chance that someone came to me tomorrow and said, “We need to run with something,” at least I’d be armed with some ideas. šŸ™‚

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