On More Heritage Foundation Tomfoolery

For reasons that pass beyond my understanding, the Heritage Foundation has sent me another survey.

This makes… what? The fourth in the past six months? Who do they think I am?

This one is called “the official 2010 Taxpayer Ballot of Fiscal Responsibility.”

Let us quote.

Ms. Gibson, unchecked spending was bad enough in a Republican administration — one that at least pretended to be conservative. Now that the liberals are in charge of Congress and the White House, the epidemic of uncontrolled spending is worse than ever. That means our mission is more important than ever: We can’t afford to give any member of Congress a pass on their use — and abuse — of your tax dollars. Uncontrolled spending affects you and every U.S. taxpayer.

Seriously. Who does the Heritage Foundation think I am? A Glenn Beck reader?

No, really. I think that quoted passage could easily have come out of that one Glenn Beck book I read.

The questionnaire is amusing. No, really. I laughed a lot at it. I’ll fill it out later.

But really. You’d think they have the idea by now that I’m not a “conservative.”

You’d think.

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