On my authorial tendencies

As seen on several blogs in the past day, most recently Bill Leisner’s, which science fiction author am I?

I am:

Philip K. Dick

The brilliant yet trashy master of the reality warp always left you unsure of what was real, but never forgot compassion.

Which science fiction writer are you?

That didn’t surprise me, but I started to wonder. Did I game my answers? So, I gave it another shot:

I am:

David Brin

Bestselling producer of impossible-to-put-down epic adventures in a far-flung future.

Which science fiction writer are you?

That did surprise me. I’ve read very little Brin–Startide Rising, Heart of the Comet, Foundation’s Triumph.

Y’know, if I split the difference between Dick and Brin, that’s a damned weird place to be.

I took a look at the underlying code. It had this note buried within:

So far, to my knowledge, two authors who are among the possible answers have taken the quiz, and neither came up as themslves. It told Jerry Pournelle he was Heinlein, and it told Gregory Benford he was Clarke. So the thing’s measured accuracy rate so far is 0%.

Ah, but no Larry Niven among the authorial choices!

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