On My Day


Got to work at nine. Left work at midnight, fifteen hours later.

Today? Probably the same.

I’ve started mucking with the body chemistry. Two cups of coffee already, and probably a whole pot once I get to work. At least, I’ll brew a whole pot.

I feel like a Mack truck is running laps in my head.

A visit at the store this week. Tomorrow, to be precise. Zone Vice-President. Regional Vice-President. Regional Manager. Two District Managers. Lots of heavy firepower.

A lot of work for a fifteen minute visit, tops.

Moved things. Dusted things. Scrubbed things. Vacuumed things. Stickered things. Changed shelving. Spread carpet deodorizer. (Which reminds me–must buy one more canister, because two canisters only nailed two-thirds of the store.)

I need to stop at Target, buy some Star Wars posters to throw up on a wall.

Fun stuff. Fun stuff.

At the store, we’ll make it. I‘ll make it. I may be drinking heavily tomorrow afternoon, but I’ll make it.

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