On My Day

I planned on writing a completely different post. It’s even drafted. For a variety of reasons, though, it won’t appear here–a little too much about corporate myopia and tunnel vision.

This evening I conducted an interview. Store managers in the district send employee candidates to me for a second interview, and after a few fits and starts in getting this particular interview scheduled we finally found the time this evening.

I close my interviews out with two questions. The first, what can you bring to the table another applicant cannot? The second, what questions do you have for me?

The first question received an answer so absurd, so off-point, that I still cannot believe he gave it. Interviews are a serious process, and my free advice would be, take the process seriously.

For the second question he came back with, How has your day been?

It’s an interesting question. I even took a stab at answering the question in a fairly positive manner. But, how does asking that question help toward my making a recommendation on the candidate’s behalf?

Overall, it was a decent day, but a long day, an unintended open-to-close shift, twelve hours. Business wasn’t quite where it needed to be, but in the end we did better than it seemed we might. I wanted to take a crack at cleaning up some paperwork at the store today and got to absolutely none of it.

I made plans to see Constantine tomorrow night. I’m not exactly thrilled at the prospect, but a friend wants to go so I said I would. It does have Rachel Weisz, which forgives a lot, but on the other hand it has Keanu Reeves. Sigh.

I’ve added a “Recent Comments” sidebar to the webpage, as much for my own convenience as for that of casual browsers.

I really need to tackle my e-mail inbox. A thousand unread messages is not a good thing….

Drink another Guinness, put Eisley‘s “Room Noises” in the stereo, and read some of The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane before bed. Sounds like a plan to me.

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