On My First Blog Post

I logged into my WordPress install this evening, not really having anything on my mind to blog about, until I saw a link to this — Do You Remember Your First Blog Post?

WordPress gives me an aggregation of links to some WordPress-related blogs. At one time I had a plugin installed that simply blocked that feature of the Dashboard, but with WordPress 2.5’s backend redesign those links — which used to take for-freaking-ever to load — came up quickly, and thus, in the past six months, I’ve reacquainted myself with some aspects of the WordPress community I’d ignored.

I digress.

Lorelle on WordPress, the blog on which said post above was on, is one of those blogs about WordPress I’ve begun to follow a bit more than I once did. (It’s also how I started listening to Charles Strickland’s The WordPress podcast, which I think is just absolutely fabulous.) Lorelle’s post was advertising this, a photo caption contest about recapturing the feeling that you had when you made your very first blog post.

The latest post on Lorelle’s blog, the one about remembering the first blog post, brought back some memories.

As some people remember, I did a retro weekend about six week ago; I’d found my old Greymatter design, and I brought it kicking and screaming into the WordPress world, partly as a challenge, and partly just to be different, and partly just to be silly.

My first post was this. It wasn’t anything significant. It was a post to test Greymatter and make sure that it worked.

My first real content post was this — I walked in Wal-Mart in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, and found a copy of Philip K. Dick’s Minority Report on the shelves. There are places in the world where you expect to find phildickian short story collections. Wal-Mart is not one of those places. 😆

Six years, six hundred thousand words, and two thousand blog posts later, and here we are. 🙂

And to think — I really didn’t have anything I wanted to write about today. 😉

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