On My Time of Day

Let’s kick off Monday morning — and a bloody cold Monday morning at that — with a meme. Mostly because it’s early, it’s cold, and my brain isn’t quite working yet…. 😉

Your time of day has a split personality — sometimes it’s sweat-streaked and loud, and you’re on the dance floor, getting your third wind, and shouting lyrics like you’ll never run out of energy. You are the time of night that carves itself into your memory forever, because you’ll never forget how much you love these people and this moment and this song. It’s not always about unforgettable parties, though. Sometimes your late night (err… early morning) burst of energy happens when you’re home alone. Those are the times when you say, “I flat out refuse to go to sleep until I finish reading this book, or typing this page, or reorganizing my entire closet.” In either case, you are the time of night when it feels sort of forbidden to be awake, but you love accomplishing something special long after everyone else went to bed. And hey — you can always catch up on sleep tomorrow, right?

Considering I don’t even like to see 2:11 in the morning, I think that’s seriously messed up.

Except, I do get the meaning. It’s not so much a time of day, as it is a state of mind. And that makes sense.

Or does that sound too much like a case of the Mondays?

Did I mention that it’s cold? It’s bloody fucking cold!

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