On My Weekend Plans

While the rest of the world holds its collective breath for the oncoming Potterdammerung, here’s what I have on tap this weekend:

  1. Revise short story to under 10k words.
    I took another editing pass through the story earlier this week and brought it under 11k; every pass through the story seems to pull out about 500 words.
    ETA (Saturday afternoon): The latest editing pass has the story at 10,290.
    ETA (Saturday evening): Done. The story now sits at 9,999 words.
  2. Write bio to accompany short story.
    In spite of how little I like writing about myself, I find I actually have five or six things I want to say in this author’s bio…
    ETA (Saturday evening): Done. The bio gives a shout-out to writers Glenn Hauman and Lisa Sullivan—we discussed the story at Philcon back in November, and Lisa especially gave me some pointers on what to think about.
  3. Perform beta read on friend’s novel.
    He asked.
  4. Put words down on mystery novel.
    No time like the present…

See, not everything in the world revolves around Harry Potter. 🙂

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