On Necktie Knots

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes talks about tying neckties.

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Let me say that I’m unimpressed with Hayes’ necktie knot. 🙂

It’s nothing personal. I’m just picky when it comes to neckties and their knots.

I taught myself how to tie a tie. The reason? I had to wear a necktie, I didn’t know how to tie it, so I worked out in my head how the tie knot needed to work, and BAM! It happened.

The strange irony of working out how to tie a tie intellectually is that I cannot tie a tie while looking in the mirror. It throws off the way things have to go.

My dad was impressed with my tie-tying skills. You, see, I worked out how to tie a Half-Windsor knot. It’s a big knot, it’s a symmetrical knot.

I’m awesome that way. 🙂

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