On Nerdish Insights

From an IM conversation today:

mknzyCalhn: I’m racking my brain here — I’m trying to think if Doctor Who has ever done a story about cloning
Scavgraphics: new earth
mknzyCalhn: you’re right
Scavgraphics: also, daleks
Scavgraphics: aren’t the mutants clones?
mknzyCalhn: well, the mutants are grown in vats, but we don’t know if they’re cloned
mknzyCalhn: hmm, they could be, though
mknzyCalhn: see, the only times we see Daleks being created there’s no indication of where the mutant comes from
mknzyCalhn: “Power of the Daleks” simply ignores the question when the human colonists start mass-producing Daleks
Scavgraphics: sounds like clones to me
mknzyCalhn: “Revelation of the Daleks” had Davros stealing people in hibernation to create Daleks
Scavgraphics: unless theres mother unit daleks
mknzyCalhn: I don’t know
Scavgraphics: preggers daleks
mknzyCalhn: it’s like the Trill slugs — we don’t know where they come from, either
mknzyCalhn: some things you just have to accept with religious ferver 😉
Scavgraphics: so you’re saying that kaleds and trill worms are the same
mknzyCalhn: they could be, sure
mknzyCalhn: hmm, that’s an idea for a crossover fic
mknzyCalhn: the Trill homeworld is actually Skaro
mknzyCalhn: the Trill slugs are Dalek mutants
mknzyCalhn: Jadzia and Ezri are actually Thals
Scavgraphics: in one universe, vulcans wear goatees, in another, trills wear plungers
mknzyCalhn: something like that 🙂

The strange connections one’s mind makes…. 🙂

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