On New Features!

Since I’ve been playing around with WordPress this weekend, I decided to add a few new features.

First, I’ve put text on the About page. It’s been sitting out there, unwanted and unloved, for a while. That’s fixed.

Second, I’ve restored a page linking to my writings. I had one, long ago, and it fell by the wayside. Right now, it’s a little barren (as there are some coding issues to deal with), but it’s a start.

Third, I’ve added a subscription feature to the comments. So if you leave a comment, check a box, and you’ll know if someone replies to your comment. 🙂

And fourth, I’ve added a LiveJournal crossposter. So if you’re reading this through the allyngibson LiveJournal feed (and the only way you’re seeing this paragraph is if you’re reading my blog blatherings through a feed), why not friend tiggerallyn instead (as I will see your replies if you comment on the LJ entry, but not if you comment on the LJ feed which I never think to check)? I’m curious to see how well it works.

That covers the weekend’s major updates to the website. Any questions? :holmes:

3 thoughts on “On New Features!

  1. There are two ways of feeding to an LJ page. You can set up an RSS feed to LiveJournal, but you have very little control over that. The other way is to use something like the LiveJournal Crossposter to mirror your WordPress posts in a LiveJournal account.

    The benefit? Convenience. Simplicity. Basically, it’s another way of getting the information out there, another way people can get in touch with me. People were reading this website through the LiveJournal feed but, because of the way it was set up, I need to go and look to see whether or not someone’s commented on it. So, it’s a little more convenient for people reading this through their friends page, and a lot me convenient for me if people want to talk back and engage in a conversation. LiveJournal does conversation and community very well; the LJ crossposter is a way of making myself a part of the conversation.

    That make sense?

    Of course, when I look at that banner above–TARDIS, rocky surface, ringed gas giant on the horizon–I wonder why someone wouldn’t want to come here and talk. I mean, Really! 😆

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