On New Internet Toys

There’s a new Opera Pre-Alpha to play with!

As longtime Allynologists know, my browser of choice is Opera. I’ll use Firefox in a pinch, though I don’t like how it looks. It’s sterile. I don’t like its rendering engine. That said, I do stay current on Firefox, and I just downloaded Firefox 3.6. (I have discovered that it’s not exactly compatible with the company’s CMS. The WYSIWIG editor acts up in 3.6.)

There are some things about the Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha that I don’t care for. Yet. The interface isn’t pleasant to look at. Fortunately, there’s a number of different themes to choose from, and I’ve gone with an Opera 9 skin that’s easier on the eye.

I’ve also added a couple of widgets to the Pre-Alpha. Widgets are programs that run inside Opera. They’re not extensions in the Firefox sense, though.

What I’ve added:

  • Twitter Opera Widget — This lets me update my Twitter status from a standalone window in the browser
  • Torus — a 3-dimensional Tetris
  • PlanetWerks — Puts the solar system on my desktop

Of course, I’ve no time to play with these today, though Torus is quite fun. I was such a Tetris addict in my younger days. And it’s cool to see planets twirling in space; brings back memories of Cosmos.

But! For those interested, there’s a new Pre-Alpha to play with. Even if it occasionally crashes. 😆

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