On New Visitors and the Like

For reasons that pass beyond my understanding, I’ve recently seen a 250% increase in the traffic to my website.

I’m looking at my own behavior, as regards the website, in the past two or three weeks. I changed the website theme. I’ve been posting less. Could these be reasons?

One’s choice of website layout can have an effect. When I used the Hemingway WordPress theme about eighteen months ago, I saw my website stats plummet. While it was interesting to use from a coding standpoint — I learned a lot about php code, because the theme was old, outdated, and no longer supported — clearly, it wasn’t the right theme for bringing visitors to my virtual doorstep.

And posting less? I’d posted something new and different every single day for two years, about 750 days, and then I realized I didn’t have to do that. I took a break. Now, I post when I have something to say, not because I have to say something.

I find it difficult to believe that I’m suddenly, within the past week, more interesting. Like the Chewbacca Defense, that does not make sense. 😉

But if you are new to my ‘net doorstep, pull up a chair, make yourself at home, and feel free to ask questions. I might even give you answers.

And for people interested in such things, I’m now using the Opera 10 Release Candidate. I do love Opera so. 😀

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