On New Website Changes

So, yeah, I’ve gone and redone the website. Again.

Call it boredom. I’m just never happy with how the website looks.

Why Stonehenge? I don’t know. And it’s based on the Kubrick WordPress theme, and I generally don’t like Kubrick. It doesn’t speak to me. Yet, for some reason, Stonehenge and the purple background worked.

I took the Stonehenge theme, and cross-bred it with a three column Kubrick (as Henge was a modified Kubrick), to produce something that worked out a little bit better for me.

The CSS code still needs some tweaking, but it’s not a priority. And I need to whip up a print stylesheet — I like print stylesheets.

I’ve also updated some various mobile plugins. Readers accessing the website on the Wii, the PSP, or the Nintendo DS were receiving a specially-formatted version of the website for their format, and I’ve added plugins for the iPhone in particular and other mobile devices in general.

2 thoughts on “On New Website Changes

  1. I’m thinking ahead to the inevitable upgrade to WP 2.3, and the template changes I know I’m going to need to make. That, more than anything, is what motivated the change.Using something that’s based pretty directly on the default theme — even if modified for extra columns — seemed a pretty good baseline for figuring out how to make the changes with 2.3 as the template code would be closer.

    The navigation bar at the top. I knew I wanted a navigation bar — a sidebar block isn’t really noticeable — so I hard-coded it into the header file in place of where the description text would go. Which, looking at it, I think worked out nicely.

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