On New York’s Potential Next Senator

On TrekBBS yesterday, a poster, perhaps as a joke, perhaps in all seriousness, floated the idea of novelist Keith R.A. DeCandido to fill New York’s vacant Senate seat when Senator Hillary Clinton is confirmed next month as the next Secretary of State.

Keith was left speechless by this turn of events.

What say you, New York? Do you want a Senator like Caroline Kennedy, who has no track record? Or do you want a Senator like Keith R.A. DeCandido that’s multiskilled, from his renowned bongo playing to putting an end to wars (The Art of the Impossible), his skills in diplomacy (Diplomatic Implausibility), and his tough stance on crime (CSI: New York: Four Walls). No social problem is too intractable for Keith DeCandido.

In the spirit of lending moral support to the campaign, I’ve used my few photo editing skills to whip together a campaign poster:

Yeah, I’m rotten with sloganeering at 7 o’clock in the morning; the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. 😉

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