On Not Being a Nationals Blogger

On Twitter two days ago, I was called “a Nationals blogger.” By Nationals, meaning the Washington Nationals, of course.

I am not a Nationals blogger. Don’t think of myself that way at all. But I was also thrilled that someone else would think of me in that way. Nationals blogger.

I have, however, made some fanposts at Federal Baseball, the SB Nation website devoted to the Nationals this year. Of those posts, two were promoted as “Recommended Posts,” and one more was promoted to the main story stream. So, in regard, maybe I am a Nationals blogger.

My posts have been mainly about the Harrisburg Senators, the Nationals’ AA minor league team in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Here’s what I’ve written thus far this season:

May 26: My First Harrisburg Senators Game
June 13: An Oasis of Natitude Along the Banks of the Susquehanna
June 18: Received Today, a Senators Strasburg Jersey
July 18: Meet Octavio Martinez, Nationals Bullpen Catcher
July 18: Hey Senators!

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