On People I Don't Resemble

This afternoon at the store I was setting up a display of system boxes in the front window. The boxes should be stacked one atop the other, but I like artistic flourishes with pyramids and spirals, so as I worked on putting together a PlayStation display the front door opened and a guy walked in.

I stopped what I was doing, greeted him, asked him how he was.

He stopped, looked at me, and began to stammer.

To make a lengthy sentence short, apparently I resemble someone who wrestled in the ECW. So he said.

I didn’t know how to respond.

At one time people thought I looked a lot like Dave Matthews. Now, I look like a wrestler. Joy.

4 thoughts on “On People I Don't Resemble

  1. Personally I’ve always thought there was a certain resemblance to Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, but that’s just me. 😎

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