On People on the Train

Little known fact. In the neighborhood where I work, there’s a meth outpatient treatment facility.

I usually see them in the mornings, as they congregate, in massive groups, at the light rail stop. Most mornings, there’s a couple on the train that I ride.

They have interesting conversations. I pretend not to notice them.

This morning’s conversation was on theodicy. In other words, the Problem of Evil. I just like “theodicy” as a word; it rhymes with “idiocy.” Okay, it really doesn’t rhyme, but don’t disabuse me of my fantasies.

Seriously. Meth addicts talking about the Problem of Evil. One brought up the Calvinistic view of predestination. Another mentioned Original Sin.

I felt like I’d fallen down a hole into a different universe.

Usually they talk about pointless, mind-numbing things. Like what the proper term for a sex worker is.

Instead, today, they talked theology.

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