On Performing Inventories

Tonight I’ll be in Goldsboro, doing an inventory at one of the stores in my district.

First inventory in a while, the first since January.

It’s going to be different from the way I’m used to doing inventories. Since the merger half the company’s stores have continued with their standard inventory cycles and procedures, while my half of the company simply hasn’t done physical inventories. (Before the loss prevention minded of you have sudden visions of painful inventory shrink–don’t. There are mechanisms and controls in place to minimize our inventory shrink, even with a hard physical inventory. In the best of circumstances a store might not have an inventory, at least on my side of the company, for eighteen months.)

So, tonight I’m going to experience the other half’s inventory procedure for the first time. And perhaps the last time. Within the next two or three months that half of the company will be transitioned over to my half’s computers and registers and, eventually, our inventory procedures.

Note to self: take a nap this afternoon.

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