On Plotting and Coding

This morning I started plotting out a new short story.

The idea’s been turning over in the back of my mind for a few weeks. I I wasn’t sure what was going to tumble out, and I also wasn’t going to force it before it was ready.

I wrote two pages of plot on the train this morning, including a few likes I wrote hastily at the end of the commute that pointed to the conclusion. I fleshed those lines out on the trip home, and had the final page of plot written well before I had to switch from the light rail to the subway.

It’s not perfect, not by any means. For one thing, there’s not a single name attached to any character, just the roles they play. For another thing, there’s not even a vague hint of what the title might be. And even as I was fleshing out the scribbles on the climax, I had a better idea — and I wrote that down, too. (Which means, in a way, this outline has three endings — scribble, fleshed-out scribble, alternate. That’s weird, even for me.)

I’m also not sure when I’m going to start writing this story. More importantly, I’m not sure what this story is for.

I should write it anyway. Need to remember that.

On another project, I mentioned some coding issues the other day that I wanted to tackle for a WordPress site.

Over the weekend, I managed to cross two of those items off entirely.

The custom taxonomy? Coded. Tested. It worked.

The custom menu? Coded. Tested. Bugs squashed. It worked.

The mobile themes? I started working on a child theme for Minileven. It functions, but it needs a lot more work. As for the child theme for Twenty Twelve, I need to sit down with Twenty Twelve’s code and figure out how and why it works.

The sticky post? Still in the brainstorming stage. I know roughly what I want to do, I have a vague idea of how it will work, but I haven’t looked at code.

The drabbles? Still in the “thinking about” stage.

On the other hand, I did recode the iTunes RSS feed code. The upshot? It’s more universal, so the page template can be used for multiple podcast feeds. The downside? It has a serious bug that needs quashing.

It’s getting close.

And yes, I’ve been listening to Christmas music today. Why not? 🙂

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