On Political Action Committees and Anti-Athiest Bigotry

Yes, people, I read Red State so you don’t have to.

Sometimes, I read conservatives writing about things that simply make no sense to me.

Today, however, I found something that angered me.

In North Carolina, Liddy Dole is running for reelection to the Senate. Now, I’ve written about Dole in the past; when she was my Senator, she was useless. She never visited the state. She was a carpetbagger, pure and simple. She has no idea what happens in North Carolina. She doesn’t care. Her constituent service is beyond terrible.

I bring this up, because she has a strong challenger in Kay Hagan.

I don’t actually know anything about Kay Hagan, except that she is a State Senator and that the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee has dumped a lot of money into her primary campaign and her general election campaign, to the point where the national Republican organizations have basically cut Liddy Dole off and left her to her own devices.

Red State has an article on why Kay Hagan shouldn’t become a Senator.

The reason?

She received money from an atheist PAC.

In the view of Erick Erickson, because one of the board memebers of the Godless America PAC wanted Kagan to speak at a fundraiser, then Hagan is unsuitable for the Senate. Because the Godless America PAC wants to remove “In God We Trust” from money, because they want “One nation under God” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, this somehow makes them un-American. And because their board member supports Kay Hagan, then she won’t be representing the interests of North Carolinians in the United States Senate; she’ll be representing the interests of the Godless America PAC.

If Hagan — or any politician, really — accepting a campaign contribution from a Catholic political action committee or a Jewish political action committee or a religious organization, I doubt Erickson’s ire would be raised.

Are atheists not allowed to have political views? Are atheists not allowed to lobby for legislation? Are atheists not allowed to seek equal protections under the laws? Are atheists not allowed to create organizations to promote their interests?

Erickson’s complaint against Hagan is bigotry, pure and simple.

Clearly, Erickson takes his lead from the first President Bush, who said that atheists couldn’t be citizens.

That was wrong then. It’s wrong now.

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