On Political Geek-Fu

An e-mail I wrote was read on today’s Talk of the Nation! 🙂

Neal Conan asked the question — What state has gone the longest without voting for a Republican in the presidential election?

I sent a reply via e-mail:

Minnesota would be the state that’s gone longest without voting for a Republican. It was the only state that didn’t vote for Reagan in 1984.

After taking a phone call and reading other e-mails, all of which were wrong, Neal Conan read my e-mail in full.

And I was right. 🙂

I didn’t even have to go to Google. I just knew that.

Minnesota was the only state that Walter Mondale won in 1984. And since then, they’ve gone Democratic ever since.

Neal Conan even stumbled over pronouncing my name.

Neal Conan, by the way, has a fantastic radio voice. He also wrote a funny and exciting book on his season as a baseball radio announcer for the independent Atlantic League, Play by Play, which I highly recommend.

Political geek-fu!

9 thoughts on “On Political Geek-Fu

  1. Your words are English, but I cannot parse them.

    You do realize the X-Men are fictional? And that Neil Conan isn’t going to have the X-Men in studio for an episode of Talk of the Nation?

    Confused, I am.

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