On Political Preliminaries

I’ve been working on a politics post.

I’ve mentioned it to one or two people. It is… different. Maybe it’s a little geeky. Maybe it’s a little inside baseball.

Yet… it’s what I think. More importantly, it’s what I feel.

But first, a few preliminaries.

It’s no secret that I’m a John Edwards supporter. Indeed, just over the weekend I’ve given Edwards another campaign donation. I have reasons, different than, say, Peter David’s reasons, and it’s possible that I may touch upon those in the “inside baseball” politics post.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that if the Democratic candidate is Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton that I couldn’t support them. I would, and I would be glad to do so come November. At the same time, if Edwards’ campaign doesn’t make it to the Maryland primaries I’d see no reason to vote in the primary — Obama and Clinton aren’t where I am philosophically. But I see no reason to think that Edwards won’t do exactly as he’s said he’ll do and stay in the fight until the convention, even if there’s no chance of him being the nominee.

It’s also confusing to me how far to left I’ve moved. Is it me? Is it society?

Stay tuned.

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