On Popstrology

I’ve no real idea what this means, but courtesy of Todd Kogutt, Popstrology!

Popstrology is the science of the pop stars — a revolutionary method for gaining self-knowledge by examining the alignment of the pop music charts on the date of your birth.

So, born in 1973, the “Year of Roberta Flack.”

What does Popstrology say about the Year of Roberta Flack?

Even her 1975 hit Feel Like Makin’ Love could easily have been called Feel Like Makin’ Love (But Not Right Now), and most popstrologists agree that the children of 1973 cannot help but reflect in some fashion the curious sexlessness of Roberta Flack’s otherwise passionate oeuvre. But counterbalancing all that is 1973’s Opposing Star, Grand Funk Railroad — loud and proud purveyors of Mustache Rock and unapologetic spokesmen for the lifestyle traditionally associated with that constellation. “I am a sensitive and vulnerable soul,” Roberta Flack might say, to which Grand Funk Railroad might reply, “That’s great — We’re An American Band.” And what did it mean to be an American band in 1973 in GFR’s particular sector of the pop universe? It meant strumming more than just hearts with your fingers as you cut a swath through the “chiquitas from Omaha” and the “sweet, sweet Connie”s from Little Rock, and it meant little time or inclination to feel love or regret along the way. Born in a year when both extremes in the sexual and emotional spectrum were clearly on display, the children of 1973 may go one way, and they may go another, but if they try to achieve a kind of equilibrium in those aspects of their lives, that equilibrium is likely to be rather dynamic indeed.

I do find this interesting, that my Birthstar is former Beatle George Harrison, and my birthsong is “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth).”

George Harrison, I like that. Roberta Flack, not so much. 😉

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  1. I guess I’m older than dirt in the Popstrological universe – I was born in 1952, and the charting doesn’t go back that far. It seems to be a gray area, sometime between the end of Swing/Jazz and the beginning of rock-and-roll. Wonder what that says about me.

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