On Predictions

Tonight is the decisive game seven in the Stanley Cup finals.

Raleigh, naturally, has gone hockey-crazy. I, on the other hand, couldn’t really give a toss.

At work on Saturday I asked a kid, wearing a ‘Canes jersey, if he were excited about game six in Edmonton that night. “The ‘Canes have to lose tonight,” he announced with much gravitas.

That came as a complete surprise. I asked him why.

“If they go to game seven they’ll win it all at home. They have to win at home.”

If the game went to a seventh game, I said, then the ‘Canes had already lost. They’d lost the momentum they had, the way the ’04 Yankees lost their momentum and went down in history as the greatest choke in sports history.

But no, he was adamant. The ‘Canes had to lose game six, because they had to win game seven at home.

Either way, I know that the only thing in the newspaper tomorrow will be hockey coverage. President Bush could resign today, and in the News & Observer that fact would be relegated to page A13. 😉

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