On Preparing for War

I realize I haven’t played Age of Empires III in at least a month. At least a month.

It’s time.

Napoleon. Frederick the Great. A challenge!

I shall meet you both on the fields of battle. Amidst the peaks and valleys of the Appalachians, I shall take you both on. No allies on my side. This shall be a two-against-one battle. The two of you in your valley. Me in mine. And a trade route — or two — right down the middle.

I’ll still grind you both beneath my boot.

Who will I destroy first? Napoleon? Will it be you? Or will I go for the easier pickings, and take Frederick first?

Squirm, Napoleon. Cower, Frederick.

This will be a battle for the ages. Klingons will write operas of this, centuries hence.

Bring it on, guys. Bring it on.

3 thoughts on “On Preparing for War

  1. Oh, ok. I’m sorry, I was equating moods with the content of the post, not necessarily detached from it. My apologies. I hope you’re doing better (and judging from your battle report, you are ;)).

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