On President Bush and "Failure"

It’s fairly well-known that doing an internet search on the term “miserable failure” turns up President Bush’s on-line official White House biography.

You can now shorten that search to just “failure”.

Why be surprised?

3 thoughts on “On President Bush and "Failure"

  1. And, in an intriguing self-defense move, apparently the right wing has managed to get michaelmoore.com to show up second in the “failure” search on Google.

  2. I’m sure the “failure” links for both Bush and Michael Moore are residual fall-out from the Google-bombing on “miserable failure” from two years ago, and that had anyone done a Google search two weeks ago on “failure” it would have turned up the Bush bio as its first search result. That the word turns up the Bush bio now is a weird serendipity I’d almost rather not have, because it’s so sadly true.

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