On Presidential Ambitions

Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner is expected to announce today that he won’t be seeking the Democratic Presidential nomination for 2008.

I’m disappointed–Warner did great things in Virginia, righting the state’s economy after the terms of now-Senator George Allen and Jim Gilmore whose tax policies put the state into the red. He’d have been a formidable candidate, much as Bill Clinton was in 1992–a Washington outsider, a governer with experience in generating economic growth, formulating a sane tax policy, and with progressive ideas.

But the Democratic field was looking crowded. I would have a difficult time now choosing between former Senator John Edwards, current Senator John Kerry, General Wesley Clark, even Howard Dean if he chose to run again. Warner’s decision not to run, while unfortunate, may be better for the Democratic party in the coming year where Edwards and Warner might have been splitting the same progressive vote.

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