On Product Solicits

This afternoon I had to write up product solicits for trading cards.

These aren’t especially difficult. The text is generally a given. Usually the most I have to do is to clean up tenses, clean up bolding and italics, add verbs, and give some product specifications like number of cards per pack, number of packs per box. Nothing fancy, nothing punchy.

That was the sports cards.

Non-sports cards are slightly different. There’s a little more room to say interesting things about the products. A little more room to say something… geeky.

Movie poster cards? I used the word “cinephile.”

The Star Trek Movie trading cards? Well…

I wanted something catchy. Something that echoed a tagline from one of the films. “A generation’s final journey”? Nah. “The battle for paradise has begun”? No. “Two captains, one destiny”? I think not.

And then it struck me.

“At the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance.” Star Trek II. It’s a fantastic tagline, even if makes very little sense.

So, I typed up…

“At the end of the universe lies the beginning of this fantastic series of trading cards based of the ten Star Trek films.”

And then I wrote up text on what was going to be in the set. And I was pleased. 🙂

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