On Publishing Tweets in the Newspaper

Two days in a row this week — Thursday and Friday — I had Tweets published in b, the local free daily paper.

Actual conversation from yesterday:

ME: Guess what! Guess what! I had another Tweet published in b. That’s two days in a row! Two days!


ME: Yesterday, they published my Tweet on how Snow Patrol needs to go away. Today, my Tweet on names for Ravens fight songs! Two days in a row!

COWORKER: Let me get this straight. You’ve written articles for Star Trek Magazine. You’ve written short stories. You’ve been published around the world.

ME: Right, right.

COWORKER: And it’s a little Tweet that gets you excited?

ME: Yep!

It’s a little game. b asks a question every day, and they publish the best answers they get. Wednesday they asked about a musician that needs to go away, which I’ve ranted about before. Thursday’s question on Baltimore Ravens fight songs didn’t really appeal to me (not a football fan, sorry), but it was an opportunity to jot down something silly; if the Ravens are named after Edgar Allan Poe’s “Nevermore,” then surely the name of the fight song can riff off Poe as well.

I didn’t answer Friday’s question; I did no good deeds yesterday that I can think of. *shrug*

And yes, I really am that excitable in conversation. :cheers:

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