On Pushing Daisies, Week Two

I liked the second episode of Pushing Daisies far more than the first.

I was curious, but cautious about the first week. I’m not sure, truthfully, how long Pushing Daisies can last. Yet, the show’s absurd tone is not without its charms, and the second episode seems more promising than the first.

Mainly, it was that the episode didn’t have to spend its time justifying the premise. The premise had already been laid out (and it was nicely recapped for new viewers), so it could get right into the story without all the terrible preliminaries. And with those out of the way, we could get right into the absurdities of the characters — like the knitting detective and the lovelorn waitress with a fondness for musical numbers.

I see a potential problem with the series, if it runs for any length of time, however. The constant near-touching of Ned and Chuck could grow a lot tedious. We’ve had them kissing while in body bags, now, and holding hands while wearing rubber gloves. I get the idea that they want to be together — and Pushing Daisies, being a fairy tale, will keep hammering us over the head with the idea — but I don’t see that as a sustainable element in the series.

We shall see.

The motive for the murder, by the way, was truly absurd.

Pushing Daisies, episode two. Me like-y. 🙂

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