On Putting Words on the Page

I spent the afternoon and evening working on a novel outline.

As I am wont to tell people, I need outlines. I flail otherwise. About the longest I can write without an outline is 4k. That 4k is about all I can keep in my head, like an object. Anything longer, and I need at least a sketch of where I’m going.

I had this partial outline. And I’d gotten stuck. I’d written myself into a corner, and I couldn’t see where to go. I’d figured that out; I just had to backtrack some, rewrite, and write down new words to get me there. I also needed to do some anthropology reading.

Today, I cut three hundred words. I moved five hundred words. I added a new fifteen hundred words. So, a net gain of twelve hundred words on the day for this outline.

I need to move more stuff, but the brain is feeling a bit mushy at the moment.

Mostly, that move entails moving a plotline forward slightly, then adding a little more to that thread in the middle, where it can drive the sense of jeopardy to the characters. And that takes me to the end of the second act. 🙂

Also, I discovered a font today that I had on my computer that I doubt I have ever used — Maiandra GD. I don’t know where it came from. I don’t know why I have it. It looks nice, it looks sharp, and maybe I’ll use it in the future on a semi-regular basis.

That’s the problem with being a font whore; there’s too many fonts and too little time. 😆

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